Hjaltalín & Bendik (IS/NO)

Verdde Sessions

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  • 20-02-17

    The Arctic Arts Festival proudly presents a dance performance with the events of the Second World War in the North as the framework. This is particularly relevant to emphasize today, in light of the lack of recognition of the northern Norwegian contribution to the resistance. GLEMT (FORGOTTEN) by Simone Grøtte is a dance performance conveying the war history in a completely new way.

  • 20-02-17

    As part of the celebration of the Sami National Day on February 6, the Arctic Arts Festival released several Sami projects and artists, but also a brand new concept for collaborative concerts, Verdde Sessions. The range of artists presented here reflects the broad range of modern Sami music, from jazz through contemporary music to trance and electronica.

  • 20-02-17

    The Arctic Arts Festival has selected scenographer Mari Lotherington (28) and artist Silje Halstensen (26) as the festival profiles of 2017.

  • 17-01-17

    The Arctic Arts Festival will focus on the locals of the North in the annual Festival Exhibition, and has asked the director of Northern Norway Art Museum, Jérémie Michael McGowan, and director of Anchorage Museum, Julie Decker, to curate the exhibition.

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