Arctic Arts Summit

Arctic Arts Summit

The Arctic Arts Summit 2017 is the world's first cultural policy summit for the Arctic, with participation from all eight Arctic countries.

The Arctic Arts Summit will serve as a catalyst for new knowledge and perspectives, it will be an arena to network and present art from the Arctic to an international market, and to facilitate a foreign policy debate about development in the Arctic. The summit will also present a circumpolar arts program within music, the performing and visual arts from the north.   

The main objective of this project is to strengthen and promote arts and culture as a driving force in the circumpolar cooperation, and building lasting networks for development and interaction within the arts and culture industry, creative industries and societies in the Arctic. An important function of the summit is therefore to serve as a platform to develop an international circumpolar cultural policy. 

The first day of the summit includes sessions with keynote speakers on policy matters, while the second day will feature breakout sessions with an academic perspective. Both days will feature a substantial arts program, including the opening of ”Subsistence”, an exhibition curated by Jeremie McGowan (director, Northern Norway Arts Museum) and Julie Decker (director, Anchorage Museum, Alaska). There will be approx. 20 breakout sessions hosted by a wide range of circumpolar arts institutions and organizations. All sessions are international with academic and artistic participation from several Arctic countries.

The summit takes place in Harstad, Norway, Wednesday 21st - 22nd June 2017. The Arctic Arts Summit is planned as a biennial event, rotating between the Arctic countries. The next Arctic Arts Summit will take place in 2019.