Youth Festival 2024

13-17 years old? Come join the "UngFest"!

Vil ha ungdom med på råd Foto © Chili Harstad, Nikolay Halvorsen

Ungdommens Festspill: A Special Experience for Youth at the Festival of Northern Norway

Event Overview:

Ungdommens Festspill offers a unique and informal social platform for youths aged 13-17 who wish to be part of the audience at concerts and performances during the Festspillene i Nord-Norge (Festival of Northern Norway). It is designed as a vibrant hub where young festival-goers can immerse themselves in culture and creativity.

Features of Ungdommens Festspill:

  • Access and Inclusion: With the purchase of a ticket, attendees receive a wristband that grants access to all events programmed specifically for Ungdommens Festspill, including up to 10 concerts and performances, alongside various other activities.
  • Youth-Driven Activities: The festival offers an alcohol-free bar, quiz nights, and unique bus tours, ensuring there’s never a dull moment.
  • Adult Supervision and Safety: Led by professional educators and social workers, the festival ensures a safe and enjoyable environment for all participants.
  • Meals Provided: Daily dinners and evening snacks are included, ensuring attendees are well-fed and energized.
  • Accommodation: Arrangements can be made for those who need it, provided they are accompanied by an adult over the age of 25.

Ticket Includes:

  • HT-Jubilee Concert (featuring Bausa and Delara):** Attendees will have the opportunity to experience major highlights, including the jubilee concert.
  • Full Access:** Full access to all events at Ungdommens Festspill.
  • Concerts with a Special Youth Zone in Nordic Hall:** Designed to give youths their own dedicated space.
  • Meals and Apparel:** In addition to meals, participants receive a festival T-shirt.
  • Participation in the Youth Panel:** Offers a chance to be involved in the festival’s youth panel.

Volunteer Opportunities:

Be a Part of the Festival for Free:** Young people can also choose to volunteer at Ungdommens Festspill, helping out in various roles from setting up events to serving in the alcohol-free bar or running quizzes.

  • Flexible Shifts: Volunteers can choose between 2-6 shifts of 3 hours each during the festival week.
  • Training and Teamwork: All volunteers receive necessary training and work in teams, ensuring a supportive environment.
  • Enjoy the Festival Off-Duty:** When not on shift, volunteers have the same access to all events as regular attendees.
  • Pre-Festival Engagement:** Volunteers are invited to pre-festival meetings where they can meet other team members, enjoy food together, and help plan for the summer activities.

Ungdommens Festspill not only provides a gateway to experiencing the cultural richness of the Festspillene i Nord-Norge but also fosters a sense of community and involvement among the youth. Whether as an attendee or a volunteer, young people have the opportunity to engage deeply with the arts, contribute to the festival’s success, and make lasting memories.

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