Film program


Fish Hole

When a giant hole appears at the limit of the Arctic, the walking fish are left making a difficult choice; Struggling with their unknown fate or diving away. The latest seems even more tempting since a new salesman offers deals for relocation in the south. Fish Hole is a geologic tale focusing on appropriation of territory and the danger to let others decide where and how we should live.

Fish Hole is an artistic cooperation between artists from Canada, Russia and Norway around the creation of a short movie of puppets and shadows. The short film, created in only 6 days, is based on a novella written by Icelandic author Kari Tullinius, written for Nordicité, walking on the circle cycle.

Creative team:

  • José Babin
  • Simon Beaupré
  • Anatolii Gaskov Izvarin
  • Anatolii Gushchin
  • Alain Lavallée
  • Jack Markussen

A Théâtre Incliné and Arctic Art Summit coproduction with the support of Nordland Visual Theatre

The Last Walk

A woman journeys out into the vast and unforgiving wilderness to find her sister, who has been banished from their community for negligence that ended tragically. The banished sister has battled depression since the great loss, causing her to isolate herself from her community. Knowing her sister lacks the skills to survive on her own, the sister attempts to forgive her and bring her home to continue their lives. 


  • Mikisoq H. Lynge & Pipaluk K. Jørgensen
  • Jerri Thrasher 
  • Anna Hoover 

Thinking at the Edge of the World. Perspectives from the North

This collection of artist portraits is a broad cross-disciplinary project exploring the cultural history of Northern Norway/Sapmi, curated by the Office for Contemporary Art Norway (OCA). Structured through a series of regional and international dialogues and partnerships, the project unfolds in various forms and locations across Norway and beyond, including research, artists’ residencies, exhibitions, text commissions and a number of activities implemented through an OCA pilot office in Tromsø as well as its premises in Oslo.


  • Keviseile (Hans Ragnar Mathisen)
    Artist and writer
  • Synnøve Persen
    Poet and visual artist
  • Máret Ánne Sara
  • Ánde Somby
    Traditional Sami yoiker
  • Niillas Somby
    Sami political rights activist, journalist and photographer

Produced for OCA (Office for Contemporary Art, Norway) by Cultureshock Media