Announcement: profile artists for 2020 and 2021


Ingeborg Oktober og Elle Sofe Sara er festspillprofiler i 2020 og 2021 hos Festspillene i Nord-Norge. Foto: Gry Dahl og Per Heimly
Ingeborg Oktober og Elle Sofe Sara er festspillprofiler i 2020 og 2021 hos Festspillene i Nord-Norge. Foto: Gry Dahl og Per Heimly

The Arctic Arts Festival proudly announces the profile artists for 2020 and 2021; artists Ingeborg Oktober and Elle Sofe Sara.

Revitalizing the profile artist scheme

The Arctic Arts Festival is presenting a change in scheme for profile artists this year. Previously a 1-year engagement, it will now be prolonged to a two-year commitment from both the festival and the artists, with the goal of providing greater artistic potential with the longer duration.

- We are delighted to present such strong Northern Norwegian artists who both work across genres as our profile artists for the two coming years, and now will be able to present their work both at the festival in 2020 and in 2021. Artistic processes take time, and we hope that this revitalization of the scheme we can provide an even better arena for artistic development and new collaborations. This wil also provide the festival audience with the opportunity to get even closer aquainted with thes wonderful artists, says festival director Ragnheiður Skúladóttir.

Politically oriented choreographer and director

Elle Sofe Sara, based in Guovdageaidnu, is a choreographer and director who works at the interlaces of video art, filmmaking, theatre and dance. In her works she regularly sheds light on the social, political and cultural peculiarities and challenges of the Sámi People. She holds a Master’s degree in Choreography at the Oslo Academy of the Arts and studied Dance at the Laban School in London.

- I am so excited. It is a great honor to be a festival profile, I have always followed the Arctic Arts Festival and the exciting things happening there. The first year I get the opportunity to show what I am doing right now; it will probably be both performances and film. And by 2021, I dream of producing a whole new scenic performance, says Elle Sofe Sara.

The festival director is impressed with Elle Sofe Saras work, and is committed to the continued focus on young artists with strong expressions and a clear message in their artistic practice;

- Elle Sofe Sara has a unique and sharp eye for movement, earthiness and the body, both through the lens of the camera and on stage. Her original political point of view is both refreshing and grounded. It is an immense pleasure to have her as one of our profile artists in 2020-2021, by both showing her already established work as well as see her embark on a journey of new work that will be premiered in FINN 2021, continues Skúladóttir. 

Artist with a strong presence in the singer-songwriter tradition

Ingeborg October is a singer-songwriter performing Northern Norwegian songs in both acoustic, minimalist form as well as rock/folk. The songs have been described as beautiful, catchy tunes with lyrics that challenge the listener to listen extra carefully.

-  I feel very honored to have received such a large and honorable assignment for the Arctic Arts Festival over the next two years. I am very much looking forward to starting the project and already feel quite confident that I want to work on a project that involves both film and music. After all, I have no education as a musician, but I do have a bachelor's degree in film art from Nordland Art and Film School. I've never done a public viewing of my own film and music together, so that will be both exciting and scary. I am very happy to have the opportunity to work on the new project for so long, and like the choice of having two-year festival profiles very well, says Ingeborg Oktober.

The artist received the national award Spellemannprisen for her second album, released in 2018. The album received brilliant criticism both in local and national media, describing the album as "perfectly composed" and Ingeborg as "One of the Norwegian artists that has the greatest potential to win the hearts and minds of the audience".

- Ingeborg Oktober is in spite of her young age an established singer/songwriter. Her personal, edgy songwriting is disarming, vulnerable and poignant. To have Ingeborg as one our profile artists for 2020-2021 is truly exciting as she will be presenting new work, mixture of music, film and performance in addition to performing some of her already known music, says Skúladóttir.