Adult theater with humor and seriousness

Kompani Wakka Wakka klar for tre dager med forestillinger i Harstad. Foto: Øivind Arvola

Harstad School is transformed for three days for theater for adults and families. Wakka Wakka is ready for Harstad.

On Saturday, Wakka Wakka will have its Norwegian premiere of the Norwegian version of the play 'Dead as a Dodo', a humorous family show that mixes puppetry, video projections, and humor to explore a future that mirrors the past. Before that, they will perform two other shows for adults and youth in the same hall.

Total transformation

harstad skole klargjøres for teater. Foto Øivind Arvola

Since Monday, the gym at Harstad School has been completely transformed.

'It's almost set up for Bruce Springsteen,' says Kirjan Waage with a smile. He is from the award-winning puppet theater company WakkaWakka. It is known worldwide for its imaginative, funny, and engaging performances that humorously raise critical questions about our time's environmental and ethical dilemmas – using puppets.

40 tons

Twenty people are working to get everything ready for the first performance on Thursday.

'There are 40 tons of equipment here, and most of it is getting ready,' says Waage, who has been to Harstad many times before.

Humor and seriousness taken to the extreme

'We have performed a lot in Harstad, and it's great that we can play all three shows here,' says Waage. Since 2017, the company has been working on a trilogy about the animal kingdom – which humans are a part of. The last performance was completed in January and is the first of the three shows to be performed.

'We have looked at what happens to animals and humans from a global perspective, both in the past, present, and future. Of course, we have exaggerated to entertain, but there is an undertone of seriousness as well,' says Gwen Warnock from the company.


Dead as a Dodo

While the first two performances are mainly in English, the last one is performed in Norwegian – for the first time. The show is about a skeleton dodo (an extinct large bird) and a skeleton Neanderthal on bones who tirelessly dig for fresh bones. Their ancient skeletons are rapidly deteriorating, and they are afraid of disappearing completely. One day, their routine is disrupted by a strange event. Without warning and miraculously, Dodo grows an entirely new bone! A whirlwind of changes causes the bone kingdom to begin to crumble, shattering the established order. The great reversal has begun.

Kjøp billett her.

The voice of animals

Animal Riot

Animal R.I.O.T., which is performed on Friday, is yet another example of the company's ability to combine artistic expression with current global themes.

Through a blend of visual art, puppetry, and captivating storytelling, the performance explores the tension between humans and animals, raising critical questions about the environmental and ethical dilemmas of our time.

With its unique aesthetics and engaging storytelling, 'Animal R.I.O.T.' takes the audience on a journey through various perspectives and voices from the animal kingdom, challenging us to reflect on our relationship with and responsibility for the planet's non-human inhabitants.

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On the brink of extinction

The Immortal Jellyfish Girl

On Thursday, 'The Immortal Jellyfish Girl' will be performed, a gripping tale about humanity on the brink of extinction and the unlikely hero who might save them all. The year is 2555. Large parts of the Earth's surface are considered dead zones, and mass extinction has begun.

There is a war (there is always a war), but as both sides become desperate, their thirst for destruction becomes more and more volatile. An unlikely encounter between an orphaned boy and a jellyfish girl threatens to tip the balance forever, but in whose favor and at what cost?

A mysterious man in a homemade fox costume has seen all this before, has experienced this tragedy many times, but he is determined that it will end differently this time.

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Note! You can buy a combo ticket for all three performances.