Festival Hip Hop with Poppa Lars' favorites

Poppa Lars. Foto: Terje Arntsen

Poppa Lars from Tungtvann brings his own favorites when he, SNN, and the Festspillene invite you to Bip Hop Bonanza in Nordic Hall on Saturday evening - featuring, among others, two of the hottest new rap artists in the country. At the same time, the audience will get an exclusive taste of what is happening in the genre in the north.

Poppa Lars from Tungtvann, or Lars Audun Sandness as he is actually named, is from Harstad but now lives in Tromsø, where he works with music.

"I have collaborated with the Festspillene over several years, and I am very pleased that they have embraced the genre and given it a place over the years," he says.

At the top of the lineup this year are two of Norway's most exciting and relevant artists; Tyr and Oscar Blesson.
"With us, they will perform an exclusive joint concert – with both solo and collaborative songs in a wonderful interplay. Before this, we present an exciting selection of Northern Norwegian artists including Unge Funksjonell, Regz, Foad Noor, and Carl Critical," he says.

Free Reins

Poppa Lars had free reins when selecting artists for the concert and is very pleased that Tyr and Oscar Blesson agreed.
"Both are personal favorites in their own ways," he adds. When Tungtvann performs at the Opera this autumn, they will both be involved.
"For that concert, we have picked guest artists who have been the most important in their respective generations. Tyr and Oscar Blesson are a natural choice," he says.

On the Brink

"They have both been on the rise for many years. Both started with English lyrics and saw a huge surge after switching to Norwegian. They are now on the brink of becoming really big. We are lucky to have them in Harstad now. They are putting together a concert exclusively for this festival. This is not something they usually do. They are both known for being energetic, and it is going to be awesome," he says.

Voices from the North

"The three rappers from the north are good and cool representatives of new Northern Norwegian rap. They are fresh newcomers, with both Unge Funksjonell and Regz releasing new music. Foad is also working on new material, and it is great to see that women can also break into this male-dominated industry," says Poppa Lars, adding: "with this, you get an exclusive taste of what is happening nationally and in the north, and it is fresh and youthful."

Poppa Lars on the Artists:


Tyr recently released the album "Bedøvelse gjør mester". Previously known as Wonder the Boy, he broke through with the Norwegian-language single "21" in 2022. His unique sound blends modern elements with inspiration from 2000s hip hop, and he is known as an energetic and raw live artist. We look forward to seeing him in Harstad!

Oscar Blesson

Oscar Blesson started with English lyrics but has in recent years established himself as a heavyweight in Norwegian. His debut album "Vi blør i kor" (2022) has streamed millions of times, and Blesson is known for his electric energy on stage. He recently released the single "In Transit Freestyle," and a new album is coming in 2024!

Unge Funksjonell

Unge Funksjonell leads a new wave of Tromsø artists. He recently released the album "Dogma," featuring guests like RSP and Joddski. With roots in hip hop, he also shows alternative sides inspired by his father, Bror Olsen from Vinterhagen. We agree with iTromsø: few male rappers dare to show such vulnerability.


Regz is a rare female rapper from the north, known for personal lyrics over intense beats. She holds nothing back when it comes to her past lifestyle and former circles. With high ambitions, her singles hint that an album is on the way – something we got a taste of when she opened for Marstein last autumn.

Foad Noor

Foad Noor has been active in the Northern Norwegian underground for several years, collaborating with artists like RSP and Joddski. Singles have been steadily released since 2016, and now it is said that his debut album is finished. We are eagerly awaiting it!

Carl Critical

Carl Critical, a music producer and filmmaker from Tromsø, is behind the label IGH, which houses UF, Regz, and Foad Noor. He is coming to FINN as the musical director and DJ for these three. Expect intense beats and high-level visual effects!