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  • 08-12-15

    Our festival profiles in 2016 will be the dance company Kartellet and artist/composer Benjamin Mørk. They will be popping up where you least expect them with a sense of playfulness, artful movement and dance, plus electronic beat!

  • 03-11-15

    Arctic Arts Festival director Maria Utsi is placing a spotlight on today´s broader political situation, and how it effects artistic interaction in the northern regions. At Arts Council Norways anniversary conference in Harstad this week she gathers an exciting panel with extensive expertise on Russia.

  • 10-07-15

    Videoglimpse from The Arts Festival of North Norway 2015!

  • 18-05-15

    The Finnish soprano Tuuli Takala, who should have been the soloist in our opening concert is to be replaced fellow Finnish soprano star; Reetta Haavisto.

  • 12-05-15

    This year VOICES is the central theme of the Festival. The public will have the opportunity of hearing a broad range of artists and performances. Eight days of music from Sapmi and countries to the east, such as Russia, Croatia, China, Macedonia, and Poland. There will also be a celebration of gypsy culture and heritage as well an enlightening look at environmental issues. Young Art, jazz, Sibelius, visual play, folk music, chamber music, choir and so much more.

  • 08-04-15