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  • 26-09-20

    The Festival Exhibition "Water and Oil" opened today, bringing some well-deserved attention to the avantgarde artist Ragnhild Kaarbø and her artistic legacy. The exhibition will be available the next 2 weeks, where it will be possible to experience Kaarbø's art in context with installations and video art from The Icelandic Love Corporation.  

  • 15-09-20

    Festspillene i Nord-Norge presented the plans for the exhibition «Water and Oil», where the artist group The Icelandic Love Corporation looks at the Norwegian avantgarde artist Ragnhild Kaarbø's art and what they find in her life's work. The exhibition was supposed to be part of this year's festival, but will now be available for 2 weeks from September 26 in Galleri Nord-Norge in Harstad.

  • 15-06-20

    Festspillene i Nord-Norge 2020 2020 is cancelled. This year artists and audiences can not gather at concerts, performances and exhibitions in Harstad as we normally do. We therefore invite all of Northern Norway (and the world) to take part in art experiences this week. There will be an opening ceremony in your garden, premiere of new music, home concert in Reykjavik, Iceland, digital workshop and artist talks. Our mission with NO NO fest is to see if the arts can create connections between the artist and the audience in these unprecedented times.

  • 15-06-20

    Festspillene i Nord-Norge / the Arctic Arts Festival are presenting a new 3-year initiative; international associate artists that will be closely involved in the artistic development of the festival in the coming years.

  • 08-04-20
  • 08-04-20
  • 08-04-20

    The Festspillene i Nord-Norge board of directors have taken the decision to cancel this year’s edition because of the ongoing situation relating to the korona virus. The board, represented by the leader of the board, Rune Rafaelsen and artistic director Ragnheiður Skúladóttir is therefore invoking force majeure due to the government-imposed restrictions in Norway and the world today.

  • 11-02-20

    Festspillene i Nord-Norge are proud to announce the performance I am from Reykjavik by Sonia Hughes in this year’s festival. To prepare this artwork, Sonia Hughes is coming to Harstad in March to get to know Harstad by meeting the individuals who live and work there one by one. 

  • 10-01-20

    The festival poster for 2020 is made by the Icelandic designer Hörður Kristbjörnsson. Kristbjörnsson is an experienced designer, and his design agency DÖÐLUR is recognized for its first-grade creative output and multi-platform development; creating everything from logos, elaborate advertising campaigns, photography, television commercials, hotel design and clothing brands to publishing the most widespread free magazine in Iceland.

  • 17-12-19

    Finally, Mari Boine is back at the Arctic Arts Festival – 14 years after her last full concert in 2006!