Wants to take the audience on a journey to the innermost at Festspillene 2022


Foto: Jon Eirik Boholm, sminke/ hår: Maja Linnea Jacobsen, smykker: Wabi Sabi
Marita Isobel Solberg har premiere på JORDING | EATNAMASTIN på Festspillene i Nord-Norge 2022. Foto: Jon Eirik Boholm, sminke/ hår: Maja Linnea Jacobsen, smykker: Wabi Sabi

The starting point for the multidisciplinary artist Marita Isobel Solberg for her music, performance-performances, installations and images based is often elements from both Sami, Finnish and northern culture. In the project «Jording», Eatnamastin in Sami, Solberg will develop a performance concert that will premiere at Festspillene i Nord-Norge 2022, where the desire to create a connection to nature and the landscape is a strong driving force.

- I am very grateful for the opportunity to realize the project "Jording" in collaboration with Festspillene i Nord-Norge. This is a project that has developed over several years, and with such an apparatus behind me, I look forward to letting it flourish, says Solberg.

Established artist gets international support

Solberg was part of the Festival Exhibition Subsistence in 2017, and has worked across genres in recent years. "Jording" has received funding through the annual call for Open Call from Festspillene, where innovative projects from the north receive development funding and support from a mentor from the international art field. Festival director Ragnheiður Skúladóttir looks forward to introducing both the audience and the international mentor to Solberg's work;

- The multifaceted artist Marita Isobel Solberg is known as a musician to some, a performer and visual artist to others. In her project "Jording", she will play on all of her strengths in this visual and performative soundscape based on yoiking and chanting. It is an exciting journey into nature, landscape and spirituality that we look very much forward to be a part of, says Ragnheiður Skúladóttir.

Seductive journey to the innermost

Another central part of the project are the broad team of artists from Norway, Finland and Sweden, with whom Solberg has started the artistic journey already. Until the premiere in 2022, Solberg and the team will work on putting together the musical expression, costumes and installations, performance artistic elements, light, scent and other elements that can give the audience a completely unique experience.

- I want to work with elements such as stone, water and wood, and look for new sounds to create moods, yoiks and chants. Together with several fantastic artists, I want to build a performance concert that plays with several artistic genres. We will create a seductive, energizing and suggestive experience that takes the audience on a journey to the innermost, Solberg concludes.