Open Call

The Arctic Arts Festival invites artists to apply for the annual Open Call.

The deadline for applications is October 1, 2018.

The Arctic Arts Festival aims to stimulate innovation and cooperation within the northern arts and culture fields. With this Open Call the Arctic Arts Festival wants to reach out to more artists, and preferably engage in a dialogue on specific projects in the early stages of new art projects. Co-producing is an important part of the Festival, and through the Open Call we hope to strengthen our role as a potential co-producer.

The project should have its premiere at the 2019 or 2020 festival and plans to tour the Northern region or internationally will be considered positive. The Open Call takes applications from May 1. We encourage innovative, collaborative projects across the Arctic to contact us.

The projects in the Open Call can have parts or the entire budget covered, ideally there are other partners funding the project too. We are available for dialogue on possible projects in the first half of June and August/September. Submit your outlines for the project and ideas through the form below. A complete project description and budget is not necessary, but an outline for the idea and direction should be sent with the application. 


Arctic production
Regional and/or international cooperation
Multi-disciplinary projects


The musical Verdde Sessions concept is based on mutual respect and trust between artists, which aims to actively stimulate new partnerships and constellations in the art world - across artistic expression and genre. If you are interested in making a collaboration do not hesitate to contact us. You do not need to be in contact with potential artists that you wish to collaborate with, just present a list to us in your pitch. We urge you to think outside your own country. Use the open call form.

The Verdde Sessions are inspired by an old Sami system of exchanging goods and services between the coastal population and the Sami reindeer herders. The result of the collaboration was lifelong friendships and knowledge exchange.


Apply here:

Deadline: October 1 2018.