Become a voulenteer at the festival!

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Here you can see how our volunteers enjoyed the Festival of Northern Norway 2023. Join us too!


Now you can sign up as a volunteer for the Festival of Northern Norway 2024. We warmly welcome you to our FiNN family and look forward to a fantastic anniversary celebration with you.

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We want you, as a volunteer, to have a safe and fun experience with us during this year's festival. Some volunteers have been with us for over 20 years, returning each year, and there are those trying it out for the first time. Whether you're new to volunteering or have extensive experience, you will be a vital part of the festival's identity and contribute to creating a great experience for artists, performers, and the audience.


  • Access to concerts and performances when you're not working.
  • New experiences and valuable skills through behind-the-scenes insights.
  • Necessary training related to the tasks you'll be performing.
  • Volunteer shirt and jacket for uniform.
  • Food and drinks on the days you work.
  • Closing party** to celebrate the festival's success.


As a full-time volunteer, you’ll truly experience the festival from behind the scenes! You are expected to work a minimum of 25 hours and be available throughout the festival week, although we can also be flexible in scheduling shifts to fit when you can contribute. You’ll receive an accreditation card for the week, which gives you free entry to performances if seats are available.


Part-time volunteering is perfect for those who cannot commit to the whole week but still want to contribute. You are expected to work about 15 hours, spread over 3-4 shifts. You’ll receive an accreditation card for the period you work, which gives you free entry to performances if there is available capacity. You work your shifts and receive accreditation for either the first or second half of the festival. Please note, we prioritize full-time volunteers and have a limited number of part-time spots, but we encourage you to sign up if you're interested in experiencing the festival on a more casual basis.


The festival provides accommodation for those who are unable to arrange it themselves. However, we have very limited accommodations available, and it is reserved for full-time volunteers. We hope most can arrange their own lodging.

Have questions? Send an email to
Note: Minimum age requirement is 18, but we also offer opportunities for volunteers under 18 at our youth arena.
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Become a volunteer at the Festival!