Purchase and pre-ordering of tickets

Questions about tickets

Please call the Arctic Arts Festival-store for questions about tickets: 

Phonenumber + 47 915 29 468

Our website

Ticket window, Harstad Kulturhus

Telephone 77 06 78 90
Until the opening of the festival: Mon-Sat 12.00–14.00
During the festival: Daily 12.00–18.00 and 20.00–21.00

The Festival information stand, Town Square

18-1 of July 10.00–17.00

Ticket service
Telephone 815 33 133
Mon-Fri 09.00–17.00
Saturday 10.00-14.00

Rules for festivalpass

Rather than tickets, a bracelet is issued and functions as an entrance pass. It can be picked up at Harstad Kulurhus and at the Festival cabin on Town Square as of 18 June.

The pass provides free entrance to all venues and arrangements under the auspices of the Festival, with a few exceptions. The latter will be marked in the programme.

We advise you that some performances may be sold-out. To ensure that you have a seat, pass holders must reserve seats beforehand, either at the Harstad Kulturhus or at the Festival cabin on Town Square. Pre-reserved tickets are valid only in combination with the festival bracelet. The pass is person-specific and cannot be transferred to other persons.

For all performances in the Kulturhus (Storsalen and Lillesalen), the pass holder must reserve seats in advance, since these venues have numbered seating. It is possible, however, to do this just before the performance begins, provided there are seats available.

Galleri NordNorge, Ludo during the morning hours and film screenings have ticket sales at the door only. To ensure that you can get in, you need to meet at the venue 20 minutes before the performance begins. Normal first-come, first-served admission will be observed. 

Picking up tickets

The deadline for picking up pre-ordered tickets is normally within three days after the tickets were ordered. Tickets that are to be picked up on the day of the performance must be collected at least one half hour before the performance begins. For tickets that are picked up through the Post Office, Narvesen or 7-Eleven, there is an additional service charge. If the tickets are picked up at the ticket window at Harstad Kulturhus or at the Festival info stand, there is no service fee chanrged. Purchased tickets cannot be refunded.


Tickets to performances that are not sold-out are placed on sale at the venue 1 hour before the performance begins. For certain performances, no tickets will be sold in advance, only at the door. 

Conditions for purchased tickets

Tickets that are stolen, lost or destroyed 

You are not entitled to a refund for lost or stolen tickets, and you cannot demand that new tickets be issued to replace these. If your ticket is damaged/destroyed, you can normally get new tickets printed out, provided you can produce evidence of the destroyed ticket. Please contact Harstad Kulturhus or the Festival cabin on the Town Square.

Tickets that were not received by the Post Office from 

Tickets are normally sent in the course of three working days, but when large quantities of tickets are placed on sale, dispatching them may take a little more time. If you have not rece9ived your tickets well in advance of the event, please contact Billettservice customer service at telephone 815 33 133.

Tickets not received by e-mail

Visit and follow the instructions for logging on to "Min brukerkonto". If you cannot find your tickets there, then please contact Billettservice customer centre at telephone 815 33 133. If the event is the same day and the customer service centre is closed, please contact Harstad Kulturhus or the Festival cabin on Town Square.

Re-located or cancelled event

If the performance is cancelled or moved, you are entitled to a refund for your ticket. The ticket fee will not be refunded. Tickets to a re-located performance are still valid and can be used for this. If you have bought a ticket through Billettservice, contact their customer service centre at telephone 815 33 133. If you bought your ticket at the Festival cabin or at Harstad Kulturhus, please contact Harstad Kulturhus.

The Act relating to the right to repent Chapter 5, Section19 of the Act stipulates the limitations in the Act relating to the right to repent. Point B states that: "In the event of remote sale other than telephone sales, the Act does not apply for certain services if the seller, at the point at which the contract was entered into, agrees to deliver a service at a determined point in time or within a determined period of time." Certain services that are delivered at a determined point in time or within a determined period of time include, for example, theatre, cinema, concert and airline tickets. In such cases, reference is made to the applicable rules governing cancellation. Purchased tickets cannot be refunded.