The festival with the first program release in Storsalen and Nordic Hall


Ane Brun, Jada, Ola Bremnes og Fieh. Krediteringer: Ane Brun: Stian Andersen Ola Bremnes: Maria Bratt Fieh: Jonathan Vivaas Kise
Ane Brun, Jada, Ola Bremnes og Fieh. Krediteringer: Ane Brun: Stian Andersen Ola Bremnes: Maria Bratt Fieh: Jonathan Vivaas Kise

Ane Brun celebrates 20 years as an artist, and comes to Festspillene and Storsalen with her unique song catalogue. The Norwegian soul funk band Fieh will play a club concert in Nordic Hall. The same will be the Danish rising star Jada, who has won no less than 14 of the most significant music awards in his home country. And then comes Ola Bremnes with the concert performance Stormtid - a large-scale musical performance in a format we have rarely seen him in.

- It is with pleasure that we can announce these four artists. This shows the breadth of the music program for the Festivals in Northern Norway in 2023, and the best thing is that you can buy tickets already now - for yourself or as a Christmas present. These are artists and bands that have broad appeal - and will be able to create great moments both in the Great Hall and in the Nordic Hall, says festival director Ragnheiður Skúladóttir. In 2023, Nordic Hall will return as a concert venue. This is the place where many iconic festival concerts have taken place. Now the arena has been given a new look, and it's time to bring back the festival atmosphere in Nordic Hall.


Monday 26.6.2023 Fieh will arrive. The Norwegian band has attracted attention with its catchy mix of various genres such as nineties new soul, psychedelic funk, orchestrated folk and prog's understanding of rhythm and melody, as VG wrote. - The band is finally in Harstad, after a number of successful concerts at the biggest festivals in the country. In Harstad, we get to experience the band in an intimate club setting in Nordic Hall, says the festival director.


Jada has quickly become one of the most promising artists in Denmark, and has received praise from both Danish and foreign reviewers. She has thrilled her fans with her personal and honest universe – a universe that breaks with the classic templates, pushes boundaries, genres and trends. In January 2019, she started her award-winning career under the Danish P3 Guld, and has since won no less than 14 of the most significant awards in her home country. - Jada is predicted to end up in the top tier of the Nordic talent pool that is poised to conquer the international market. Now you can experience her in Nordic Hall on the opening day, 24 June.

Ane Brun

Ane Brun is returning to the Festspillene in Northern Norway, this time in a double team with Marte Eberson. This is Ane Brun in a format that is celebrated and successful, and will fit perfectly into the Storsal range during the Festival. - Ane Brun is a songwriter and artist in the top tier, and with her unique voice and text universe has created excitement since starting as an artist in 2003. We look forward to experiencing her in the Great Hall on 29 June.

Great work from Ola Bremnes

Festspillene i Nord-Norge, Sparebank 68° Nord and Spell music - Ola Bremne's own record company - hit the big drum when Ola presents his 10th solo album, Stormtid. It will take place on 26 June in the main hall of Harstad Cultural Centre. The album Stormtid consists of nine turbulent stories that Bremnes, through a long life as an artist, has come across and wanted to make songs out of.

 - An early version of the performance was shown in Svolvær in the autumn of 2022. For the Festspillene it is the full version with a completely new visual expression, says Skuladottir.

Illustrator Ida Larmo, who recently won both the Brage Prize and the Pondus Prize for the comic book Rigel, contributes backgrounds that include both vivid watercolors and hand drawings. The visual team also includes lighting designer Charles Ellingsen from Northern Norway's "Superlys". With him on stage is actress Marit Adeleide Andreassen. She ties the concert together with small monologues between each of the songs. He has also brought together a group of the region's finest musicians in this concert performance.

- There are songs that touch and which I hope also connect to us and our own dramatic times. It's all stitched together into a big musical narrative that I think will activate both goosebumps and goosebumps, says Ola Bremnes himself.