KLISH & Ondt Blod, Oligarkh and Agent Fresco announced today


KLISH & Ondt Blod, Agent Fresco og Oligarkh spiller på Støperiet under Festspillene i Nord-Norge 2019
KLISH & Ondt Blod, Agent Fresco og Oligarkh spiller på Støperiet under Festspillene i Nord-Norge 2019

The industrial venue Støperiet will be one of the most important stages during this years' Arctic Arts Festival. Festival profile KLISH in a Verdde Session with punkband ONDT BLOD, the Russian electronica band  Oligarkh, and Icelandic Agent Fresco are three of the concerts the festival audience can look forward to this year.

Art rock from Iceland 

The first band to enter the stage at Støperiet on Saturday June 22 is Icelandic Agent Fresco, which combines pop, alternative, art, metal, and math-rock. The band plays unpredictable rock and plays across genres, and the festival director is particularly happy to announce this booking;

- Agent Fresco is in a league of its own, even coming from Iceland. Here, the borders are pushed all the way, and the audience can look forward to an evening in the name of progressive art rock on our opening night, says festival director Maria Utsi.

Verdde Sessions: Arctic punk vs. Tromsø rap

The punk band ONDT BLOD has enjoyed great success since their nomination as newcomer of the year in the Norwegian Grammy Awards. At the Arctic Arts Festival they will collaborate with rapper and festival profile KLISH. The audience can look forward to an Arctic meeting of the masters when one of Norway's leading and most unique rappers comes together with the uncompromising punkrockers of ONDT BLOD. Wednesday June 26 they will own the stage at Støperiet, and KLISH looks forward to the collaboration:

- It is with tremendous excitement I look forward to making music with ONDT BLOD, but also a certain awe, or rather: genre fear. The album Natur that ONDT BLOD released last year was the album I listened most to during last year, they are simply extremely good. The music they make is miles away from my own genre, but I still feel that we have a lot in common, both attitude-wise and in the text universe. I have always been a little punk in my expression, I think. It's going to be awesome, says Jon-Are Masternes (KLISH).

Russian-orthodox electronica party

Russian Oligarkh has toured Russia, Europe and China, and creates explosive electronica with a modern twist. Here, very traditional Russian cultural expressions such as Orthodox choral singing encounter a hefty soundscape with heavy beats and atmospheric parts. The whole thing is merged with strong visuals by merging TV recordings, cartoons and historical films, and it is therefore not your typical night out clubbing when they take the stage on Thursday June 27.

- I expect both strong visual impressions and highly danceable electronica this evening in Støperiet. Oligarkh excels both musically and visually across genres and does not relate to conventions. This will be a wonderful evening for everyone who enjoys electronica, EDM and especially intense live productions, says Utsi.

An amazing stage

Støperiet is undergoing a restoration process, as part of the proposed new cultural quarter that is planned by Harstad Skipsindustri. Here, this former industrial site will become a cultural scene and contribute to an expansion of the city center. When the plans are realized, it will become an exciting and attractive district with a number of functions and experiences.

- We have had several events in Støperiet in recent years, and the artists love the opportunity to present music on this unique industrial venue. It has previously been a mix of performing arts and music concerts at Støperiet, now we have great expectations to the venue as a music scene, and look forward to realising our plans for the venue. In addition, Nordic Hall will complement its potential as the conference venue and meeting place during the festival, while we will arrange the seated concerts in Harstad cinema, Utsi concludes.

Tickets on sale now:

Agent Fresco June 22


Oligarkh June 27