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TImimie Märak skal være festspillprofil og Carola Grahn kuraterer årets festspillutstilling. Foto: Tim Boddy / collage
TImimie Märak skal være festspillprofil og Carola Grahn kuraterer årets festspillutstilling. Foto: Tim Boddy / collage

In connection with the Sami National day February 6, the Arctic Arts Festival presents two artists who each will have significant roles in this year's festival. The South Sami visual artist Carola Grahn will curate this year's festival exhibition, and last year's audience favorite, Timimie Märak, is the festival's second festival profile for 2019.

Sami festival exhibition

Originally from Jokkmokk, Carola Grahn works within a wide range of expressions. She is interested in power structures and social constructions, especially in relation to ethnicity and gender, and founded the Sami-feminist platform "Sámi Girl Gang" with ;Silje Figenschou Thoresen

- We are delighted to have an artist with such an exciting, challenging and clear artistic voice in Sápmi curating the festival exhibition for 2019. We have great expectations for a completely unique perspective on both form and content, says festival director Maria Utsi.

Festival profile focusing on activism and poetry

The poet, the indigenous feminist and Sami queer activist Timimie Märak mesmerized Harstad with their slam poetry on Torvet 3 during the Arctic Arts Festival 2018. In recent years, they have used art and lectures to highlight how the normative power silences and stupefies. During this year's festival, Timimie Märak will create completely new art projects during the festival.

- "Like the rest of the audience, we were blown away by Timimie's strong slam poetry last year, so we are particularly excited about what can come out of this festival profile project," says Utsi.

Reaction and action

Thematically, action will be a turning point for the Arctic Arts Festivalin 2019. The ambition is to further develop the position that art and the festival should have as a contributor to society and arena for debate. The artists chosen for the festival exhibition and as festival profiles are strong contributors to putting important issues on the agenda and, not least, facilitating the involvement of the audience.

- With these two strong voices from Sápmi, we have ensured fearless and uncompromising artists who demand reaction and action, and we are convinced that these art projects will give the public ample opportunities both to consider their own opinions, choices and reflection, concludes Utsi .


Carola Grahn's work is presented at the Southbank Center in London (2017), Art Museum University of Toronto (2017), OCA in Oslo (2017), Kunsthall Trondheim (2017), Havremagasinet (2016), Bildmuseet in Umeå (2014). She has also published the novel "Lo & Professor" in 2013. Carola Grahn is registered in the Iaspis archive, the Swedish Arts Committee's international program for visual and form artists, and the Swedish state's art council. She has also founded the Sami-feminist platform "Sámi Girl Gang" with Silje Figenschou Thoresen.

Timimie Märak grew up in Jokkmokk, and is very involved in environmental protection, especially against damage to nature caused by mining activity. Timimie has won many slam poetry competitions, and has held top positions in the Swedish Championship in Slam Poetry for several years. Timimie has previously been active in Giron Sámi Teáhter, Kiruna. In 2015, SVT presented the documentary series Sápmi Sisters about Timimie and Maxida Märak.